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  • Business Solutions: Strategy Africa provides strategic business development models, training and linkages to African entrepreneurs doing business globally. We work with corporations and businesses in the United States and connect/link them to opportunities in Africa, and do the same for African businesses wanting to do business in the United States. We provide interpreting services and help navigate processes to ensure smooth operations.

  • Governmental & Corporate Projects: We connect businesses to governments for projects such as roads construction, mining, tourism, procurement, equipment, product delivery and relationship building. 

  • Local & Municipal Governments: We work with City Governments, Law Enforcement, the Court System in bridging cultural gaps by providing diversity training to employees, in developing diversity plan for implementation to ensure that there is equity in the workplace and in the deliverable of services. 

  • Consultancy: We offer consulting services to organizations, nonprofits, the school systems, lawyers in capacity building, equity in the workplace and bridging cultural gaps. 

  • Building Wealth: Strategy Africa looks for opportunities to invest in Africa. If you have an idea that is well thought out, present a business plan and we will work with you to obtain the necessary investment and provide the necessary tool for your success. 

  • Trade & Investments: Strategy Africa helps you plan your Trade Missions to Africa.  Our professional services include ground transportation, airfare, and hotel accommodations, arrange executive level meetings with Heads of State, Ambassadors, Ministers of Government, Chambers of Commerce and the Private Sector. We also prepare your entire itinerary and facilitate visa, travel shots and provide a check-list for your travel convenience, including Travel Insurance information.

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