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Bridging the Cultural Gap: At Strategy Africa, we believe that diverse knowledge is a required component of every organization/Business. Our programs are designed to provide businesses with a full understanding of diversity as it relates to Africa. It gives businesses the ability to use active listening skills and employ effective questioning techniques in business development. It provides the right conflict resolution skills and the right course of action to communicate in a complex environment.

We provide models and tools that are practical, adaptive, and replicable. We provide customized workshops, seminars and one-on-one training for the following:

  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Group Homes with African workers.

  • Churches, Schools and Non-Profit organizations with African immigrant population.

  • The Court System, Police Dept., County, City & State agencies that are experiencing African immigrant population.

  • We offer our perspective at Conventions, Conferences and on Panels.


Our Training is centered on:

  • African Immigrants coming to the United States -The Cultural Shock.

  • Communicating Effectively with Individuals from Diverse Cultures - The African Perspectives.

  • Cultural and Spiritual Values

  • African Perception - Mental Health

  • Food, Health & Wellness - Cultural Sensitivity - The African Perspectives.

  • Understanding one’s Responsibility in Managing Diversity as a Manager/Supervisor.

  • How African Immigrants Overcome Resistance and Resentment in the Workplace.

  • Conflict Resolution - Resolving Conflict in a Diverse Setting - An African Perspective.

  • Building Relationships and Overcoming FEAR in the workplace - The African Perspective.

  • Comfort Zones versus Prejudice

Strategic Initiatives: Strategy Africa helps facilitate strategic initiatives between organizations and businesses. We facilitate training, capacity building, site-visits, facility tours and prepare strategic reports with timelines and deliverable for long-term sustainable impact.

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