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"Hon. George speaking to young girls in Liberia encouraging them to become entrepreneurs"


Strategy Africa, Inc. believes in social Corporate Responsibility. 10% of all profits made will be used to support humanitarian efforts on the continent of Africa. We will support initiatives such as:

  • Scholarship Programs: Identifies and provides scholarships for underprivileged students.  

  • Senior Care Programs: Provides food & shelter for vulnerable seniors.

  • Girls Health Program: Provides sanitary pads, health awareness and education. 

  • Sanitation Programs: Provides assistance in developing healthy communities. Clean drinking water for communities is of priority. 

  • Micro Loans Programs: Provides micro loans to market women. 


We also accept donation from individuals, businesses and corporations to assist in this endeavor. All donations are tax deductible.  95% of all donations are used for programs while 5% is used for overhead. 

Thanks for you consideration. 

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