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Diversity matters in the legal system because it values and brings reflection to cultural, racial, ethnic, religious and gender perspectives. There is strength in diversity,

  • How does the legal system affect immigrants?

  • How does the immigrant community view the legal system?


The legal system plays a major role and responsibility in preserving the health of our democracy. It is for the system to ensure that all receive equal justice under the law. In the absence of meaningful diversity in all aspects of the legal system, it is difficult and almost impossible to achieve equal justice for everyone.

The interpretation of the law is influenced by a person’s background and life experiences. Because we are a diverse nation, we need lawyers and judges to understand the diverse nature of our nation and the impact the lack of knowledge of diversity is having on the immigrant and minority communities.  

​Do we feel confident that our voices are heard in the legal system, no matter our background, gender, color or faith? Diversity is critical to the legitimacy of our judicial system and the rule of law. If the justice system does not reflect the diversity of our community, it loses credibility and respect we feel our views and circumstances are not being fairly represented within the system. Accordingly, we must have diversity not only on the bench, where we have placed great authority for decision-making, but also among lawyers, who have been granted a special privilege to represent our interests before the courts and a corresponding responsibility to understand our unique needs and circumstances.

Strategy Africa offers diversity training to Law Firms, Judges, Cities, Counties and governmental agencies that deal with the legal system. Our programs include the following:


  • Communicating with a diverse population

  • Implicit & Explicit Bias

  • Language Discrimination

  • Diversity Management

  • Cultural Competence

  • Avoiding legal exposure



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